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For over 60 years Reliance Tool has been serving its customers with quality products. We are a full service design, die building, metal stamping, and rubber and plastic mold builder who can assemble many varieties of sub assemblies and finished parts.

We can machine intricate contours in round Silicon Nitride and Zirconia ceramics in one-tenth the time it takes to grind them. Ceramics have the advantage of being harder than tool steel, thus lasting longer in certain wear applications. Talk to us at Reliance to see if ceramics might be right for you.

Our company serves many industries, including automotive, aerospace, oil seal, rubber and plastic molders, can manufacturers, and any industry that needs precision tools, dies, molds or stampings. We have a full service modern machining center of over 30,000 square feet and over 50,000 square feet devoted to stamping and subassembly to accommodate these industries.

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Also, head over to RTM Restorations, our home-grown car restoration company, to see our work!

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